What is tripsbook.com?
It is the first Social Network dedicated exclusively to the traveller. A social structure of free public access, made up of groups of people who share the same interests and have as common denominator their passion for travelling and knowing our wonderful planet.

TripsBook.com offers travellers a free and innovative service to organize their trips, complementing with many tools to interact better with the groups.

What can I do in tripsbook?
The members of our social network will have the chance to position their trips geographically using Google Maps. They will be able to create a personal profile with a complete trips history, equipped with statistics and a personal logbook they can use to write daily. Users will be able to participate in forums, create experiences, compete in the traveller`s rankings, obtain information on destinations, be up to date with your friends` trips and much more,...
Organize your trips

Use our Google Maps`s based technology. Locate your photos, videos and trip experiences onto the map, and share them with your friends.

Create your network of friends

You can add as many friends as you like, and share photos and experiences liked with them.

Make the most of your Smartphone

Take photos with your mobile anywhere in the World and they will be uploaded to your album automatically using your account.

Statistics of your journeys

Complete statistical tool of your trips: continents, countries and cities, traveller` ranking and much more...

Forums, Experiences, Opinions

Participate in the travel fórums commenting your own or other`s experiences, give youropinion on intersting themes.

Information on destinations

Find out all the information on the destinations of your interest and share them with other users on the network.

Log (personal wall)

You will have your own logbook when you can write daily notes and share comments, photos, links and videos with your friends, and they will be able to answer to you.

Traveller`s ranking

At all moments you will know your ranking, in the general community as in your groupof friends.

and much more...
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