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Ecuador Sucúa - Morona-Santiago
  • Spanish Learning Program Amazon
  • Study Spanish in the Shuar Territory. Spanish classes for all levels. Opportunities to live with families and volunteer opportunities in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest.
    We offer you different options as studying the language in a very quiet place, opportunities to get know and share more about Shuar people, and the most important is, taking Spanish classes with us that have experience and kind and gentle treatment.
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Spanish Learning Program Amazon is located in Sucúa, a small, interesting and welcoming city; is a place that holds much historical, cultural and natural wealth. It has become a place with development characteristics, currently has commercial areas, cantonal transport service and air service.

Spanish Learning Program Amazon offers a cozy, quiet and very suitable for learn Spanish to foreign students. We are ready to make the stay of all your visitors very fun and memorable. From the beginning you will discover the hospitality of the people you manage, when without any charge, you go to look for the airport in Macas or the bus terminal in Sucua.

Spanish Learning Program is have a small house well equipped to provide services to its students, you will have access to WIFI Internet, well equipped rooms for classes, a garden where you can receive your Spanish classes or have a good coffee or tea. Common room to enjoy a good movie or some music; And a few spaces that you will like. Tired of carrying your already read books, here we have some books if you want to exchange them. Our personalized attention will make you feel at home

We call Base Camp our house, since from here begin and are organized every one of the activities, excursions and others that we realize almost daily. We have around 25 activities that we can offer you ranging from a city tour to a trekking in the Amazon jungle; trekking through the Sangay National Park and many options to get to know and visit the Shuar culture.

The team who Spanish Learning Program Amazon try to make your stay a different trip, promoting the teaching of Spanish, encouraging knowledge of the cultures, landscapes and nature of the Amazon Rainforest
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